I wonder if I’m the only one...but I used to be envious of all the artists and creatives, who are really amazing at one particular thing. Whether it’s my favourite band or author or even video content creator. They seem to have found THEIR thing. Even the clothes I am wearing were made by someone incredibly passionate about fashion and the cacao I’m drinking as I’m typing this, were sent to me by a local company passionate about ethically sourced cacao. They seem to pour all their energy into one thing, THEIR one thing, and the result is success and happiness. (Or at least, it seems so). But what about me? I have so many passions and interests and sometimes I wonder if it’s time to choose.

But the truth is:


Because some people are just not made for doing that one single thing. And more importantly, because it would be such a waste of talent and creativity. Having multiple hobbies and interests make you not only a more interesting human being to interact with, but it is such an amazing thing to be able to enjoy many things. Also, remember that having multiple passions gives you the flexibility to try out many different things and see where life takes you, and if you ever get tired of one thing, you can just focus on your second passion. Just think about it: should a famous musician get tired of performing or hit a creative block - they’ll probably have a quite hard time getting back to it. Of course it can happen to all of us, but having multiple passions at least takes the pressure of having to succeed at the single thing that you’ve ever been interested in.


Being interested in multiple things, such as rock music & yoga, or painting & rock climbing might be weird combinations at first, but there might also be ways to combine those two (or three, or four…) to something very unique.

Just think of spinning! Spinning is basically using a stationary exercise bicycle while listening to loud music in a room with flashy lights, and moving according to the music. So basically partying while working out. It is a unique and fun combination (I tried), and that is exactly what makes it special.

But of course, you don’t have to scramble all your secret talents and hobbies to make a career out of it. But it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind...that you could.


Being interested in multiple things also makes you a forever student. In a good way!

Being interested in multiple things also makes you a forever student. In a good way! I recently got interested in editing videos: it started with me making a short video for my friend for her birthday, when I realized how much fun I had doing it. Wanting to edit more, I even filmed myself (!), just to have something to edit. It was embarrassing at first, but it also allowed me to be creative in a way that I’ve never ever thought I had in me. Having multiple passions is a plus, because you constantly have to learn new things. Whether it’s setting up a camera, filming yourself and realizing that the whole 20 minutes of your video you haven’t been looking at the right lens, editing out you ‘ehm’s’, and making sure you have less of them to edit out next time...It’s all a learning process & will make it easier for you the next time you learn something new. Failing, and trying over and over again is a blessing in disguise! And having multiple passions allows you to experience that even more often. Please please don’t take it for granted!


Having multiple passions might also result in guilt. Guilt about losing your main focus or interest in something that you've been working on for a long time, and having other goals elsewhere. This happened to me when I found myself feeling that being a translator might not be the only thing I want to do during my time on this earth. I spend my whole life looking for what I'm supposed to do, for my purpose, and by doing translations I finally had the feeling of having somewhat found that. I spent a couple of years thinking that that's what I'm supposed to do and assumed that being a translator must be my purpose. However, I realized that I’m not only a translator, I couldn’t deny that I have passions in different areas, which felt like cheating on myself, my purpose and my whole life.

The truth is: there is no magical moment when we wake up and there is some epic music in the background, a magical light shines: here it is, our calling! We're here to learn and evolve! Don't limit yourself. The thought of finding the one passion that you'll pursue for the rest of your life might seem comforting, safe and like happiness, but maybe there is more to gain outside of this comfort zone. You're not meant to do just one thing in your whole life!

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