There is nothing that stops more people from giving their shot at the thing they want than fear of failure. The fear of realizing being not good enough. Or even worse - to be labeled not good enough by others. But how will we be able to ever start anything, if we’re afraid of failing?

First of all, realize that actually there is no failure. I mean, if you submitted your novel to several publishers and it got rejected, is it really a non-negotiable & definitive failure? It actually might be a rejection for now.

"NO" means "NOT TODAY"

No means: not today. Everybody starts with a no. And if you take no as a definitive answer, you cannot survive in this business. No means: I’m not going to give you the appointment today, I'm not going to even talk to you, I’m not going to return your e-mail today

Jeff Deverett, for "Film Courage"

J.K.Rowling received multiple NO’s, before she got her first and only YES. But that one YES was more than enough!


There is another piece of advice I read some time ago, that I just cannot forget & which I just have to share with you:

I like to see myself as a person that is continually failing towards my goals. I know that when I’m doing something new and exciting that there’s a very real possibly of failing; I probably will fail. But as long as I’m moving towards to the goal, failing towards the goal - I’ll get to where I need be.

Will Paterson, "How to Fail Upwards"

So, each step, whether it’s failure or success, both steps are moving you in the direction of your goal. You fail and succeed towards your goal. Isn’t it awesome? Which means that every step, no matter what outcome it may have, is important for your journey and brings you forward.


Sometimes I also wonder if the so-called failure is more of a smart delay before you reach your goal. Imagine if everyone would succeed at everything they wish for the very first try they started. I bet the very first song your favorite band wrote wasn’t THAT good. And your favorite author's first attempt to write a novel wasn’t that great either. But isn’t it a good thing that they had to try over and over again? Until they became the very people and artists that inspire you?

Of course, all of us wish to succeed as soon as possible & to experience as little rejection as possible (ideally no rejection at all), but is it really realistic? I bet not one single person ever achieved their dreams in one try. Or on the second. Or third. We usually just don’t see all the work and failure and struggle that is hidden behind people's success, because it’s not a glamorous side to show. I truly believe that if we start working on our dreams, we just must expect that some things might not work out, but we’ll be able to learn from those failures and continue to fail more boldly towards our goals.

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